We have made greatstrides over the past 30 years and can only be expected to make even greater strides from hence.

Understanding the concept of synergy, we have come together to set out policies that will bring positive change and prosperity for our members in particular and for Ghana as a whole.  Those that were before us understood the potency of the Real Estate Industry to our economy. They also foresaw the impact we could make when we work together with a common agenda. Since October 1988, concerted efforts have been made into the provision of homes for the people of Ghana. Thirty years on, we look to build upon the good works already done.

Mr. Patrick Ebo Bonful


Our Vision is that;

All Ghanaians should have access to the housing of their choice and the opportunity to realise the  dream of home ownership. Real estate developers have the freedom to operate as entrepreneurs in an open and competitive environment. Housing and those who provide it are recognised as the strength of the nation.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the development of a strong private sector participation in housing delivery in Ghana.
  • To co-operate and partner extensively with Governement and any other bodies to greatly enhance the delivery capacity of houses in both the domestic and external markets.
  • To realise the potential housing has for the social economic development of the country in terns of attracting investment and providing stable social climate for economic growth and progress.
  • To realise that housing can become the country’s vital engine room in providing growth, employment, economic prosperity and stability.
  • To have a responsibility to the consumer by avoiding shoddily errected buildings and to provide a quality service conforming to agreed profesional standards. We also support the establishment of a warranty scheme to protect the consumer from defects and shoddy work.
  • To commit our energy resources and expertise to a sustainable long term housing policy for the nation.
  • To be flexible and creative in our search for a wide range of answers to resolving the housing needs if our fellow countrymen.
  • To support a people-centred housing process and to recognise that a decently housed population is an investment in a secure future for all classes in our society, and should take precedence over profit.
  • We recognise that there is no single formula capable of addressing all the desperate needs within the housing task facing us but we do believe that every family, no matter how poor, has the right with commensurate responsibilities to a basic structure, which is capable of protecting them from the elements.
  • We recognise that housing must not be limited to the urban areas. We have an equal duty to assist rural responsibilities in ensuring good affordable housing which can grow as additional resources become available.
  • The Association should become the premier resource for industry information, education, research and technical expertise.
  • The Association is also to assist its members in improving their businesses performance.
  • Effective management of staff, financial and physical resources to satisfy the Association’s needs


Since Ghana obtained independence, the domain of the provision of houses in Ghana has predominantly been left to state apparatus and semi state owned organisations to provide houses for the workers. Until that is in 1988 Consistent with the then Government’s policy of private participation in the National Development effort under the Economic Recovery Programme (ERP) I and II with particular reference to housing development, the Ministry of Works and Housing invited Real Estate Developers to a series of meetings, at the Ministry in February 1988.

As a result of these meetings, GREDA, an association of Real Estate Developers was established. Although the members at this time who formed the original organizations would have had very little experience of Real Estate Development and comprised contractors who had been building houses and homes.


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