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The economy of every country is built on the backs of real estate development. The growth of this industry contributes enormously to the economic being of the country through its forward and backward linkages.


In its backward linkages, real estate development employs a whole array of employees be it all kins of artisans etc. These employees contribute their taxes to the economy, in addition they buy from the same markets and shops as anyone else thereby contributing to the economy. Also in a development area other types of employment is created for other citizens selling food and other items to these artisans.


On the forward linkages when citizens buy houses, they have to buy other items like regrigerators, furniture, vehicles just to mention a few to be able to live comfortably. All these economic activities help to grow the nations economy.


Buying a home from a member of GREDA is considered a safe and wise decision because there are safe mechanisms built into the process such that GREDA members are held to very strict standards in the building construction. Beside, customers are adequately protected from fraudulent developers who are not members of the Association.


The Association has very competent personnel at its Secretariat to mediate on all matters between developer and a customer among other.


It is therefore a right decision to buy your home through a known and recognized developer who is a member of Ghana Real Estate Developers Association




Company News
Housing to Become Cheaper-GREDA
The Executive Secretary of  Ghana Real Estate Developers Association(GREDA),Mr.Samuel Amegayibor,has disclosed that the cost of housing will reduce significantly in coming months.
We Need Housing Schemes-GREDA
A well-thought-out housing scheme is the solution to the country's growing housing deficit and not one-off projects like government has been undertaking,Samuel Amegayibor,Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association(GREDA) ,has said .
GREDA Lauds Government's
Housing Fund Policy
GREDA has welcomed government's plan to establish a housing fund.The association says the move when instigated,will reduce housing cost and boost the housing industry.
GREDA to Assist Akufo-Addo Realise 'One District,One Factory'Promise
GREDA has expressed its willingness to support the district industrialisation programme promised by the incoming administration.
GREDA Congratulates Nana Addo and NPP
GREDA has congratulates the President-elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party(NPP) for winning the 2016 general elections.

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